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The current price list is available for download here (.pdf, 40 KB).


Prices for translations vary, depending on the kind of text to be translated and the length of the text.

Standard rates are calculated per page. One standard page consists of 1800 characters. This includes spaces, counting the characters of the target text that is being translated.

The following values are used in counting conversions:

  • Conversion into words: One standard page equals ca 250 words
  • Conversion into text: One standard page equals ca 33 lines with 55 characters

The total amount of characters includes footnotes, headers, footers, etc.
Please note: Not all word processing software are able to calculate the amount of characters in a document. In these cases, footnotes, etc., will have to be counted extra and added to the original count.


Extra Charges


Any extra charges to be applied will be done upon agreement with the client.

Format: Due to time involvement, an extra 10% charge will be applied to the total price for illegible documents, texts in .pdf or image formats (jpg, tif, gif, etc), and texts in paper formats.

Express charges: A 30% charge on the total price will be applied for any translations requested on the same day, without prior notice, or for translations in which more than 8 standard pages per working day must be translated due to an expedited deadline.

Charge for Powerpoint presentations: Due to the necessity of adapting presentations to a new text style, an extra 10% charge on the total price will be applied for Powerpoint presentations, if these adaptions are requested by the client.